A Halloween Tale, Wicked and Stunning: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Dear readers, Halloween is here. The nights are cold, the ground is covered with fallen leaves and there’s a noticeable silence in the shadows all around…


And to celebrate the occasion, I have decided to write about a Halloween themed movie. I will talk about: The Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Henry Selick.


A Halloween Tale, Wicked and Stunning: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The most enduring symbol of Christmas is something connected with life, hope, and the future, while for Halloween it’s skeletons and ghosts, images connected with death and decay. Christmas is about light, and joy, Halloween darkness, and scares. These two opposite themes pulled together and played together in the movie, creating a great colorful divide and parody.

Jack Skellington is the lead character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a beautiful stop-motion tale of Halloween. This movie remains a fan-favorite thanks to its Tim Burton art and themes.

Jack Skellington is, essentially, the spirit and human form that is given to modern Halloween. He’s shown as a tall and lean skeleton in a Halloween-pinstripe suit. His skull is as expressive as a human face. He’s a nice guy but his curiosity often gets better than his judgment.

Sally the love interest

Bored with his usual job of planning for Halloween town, while on a walk with his dog Zero. Jack stumbles upon the Christmas town and becomes fascinated with Christmas, so much so that he decides to take it over this year. He has Lock, Shock, and Barrel kidnap Santa Claus (thought to be Sandy Claws) and Halloween Town prepares to do Christmas in their peculiar taste. Sally, however, has a vision that it will all end in disaster, and it does.

A Halloween Tale, Wicked and Stunning: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Pumpkin King looks like a  Capricorn CEO. 
Jack Skellington wants everything for his grey and somber Halloween town, As usual, he is stuck to the same routine of celebrating Halloween each year, which Capricorns can relate to. He’s good at being the boss and takes each and every responsibility like a pro. Even if the idea isn’t always solid, he will be the leader until the end.

” Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!”

———Jack Skellington

How to get Christmas to Halloween town

Children don’t want scary toys under the Christmas tree. The National Guard is called in and they shoot down Jack’s sleigh. He almost falls to his certain death, but lives. He realizes his mistake and He rushes back to Halloween Town to try to set things right.

Halloween king’s obsession with Christmas

When he comes back to Halloween town, he finds that Lock, Shock, and Barrel have sold the Santa to Oogy Boogy who has also detained Sally when she tried to rescue Santa.

Jack has to dodge Oogy’s traps and destroys Oogy. Jack frees Santa who sets everything right, and Jack realizes the feelings that Sally has for him, which he returns.

we are simply meant to be !

In the end, The Nightmare Before Christmas is truly a cult movie that deserves its praise and attention that it had received.  The Nightmare Before Christmas remains to be relevant, with viewers revisit the tale of Jack Skellington and his attempt for trying being a Santa Claus.

A Halloween Tale, Wicked and Stunning: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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