Everything about Olympics, and Zodiac Signs in them

A man is seen through the Olympic rings in front of the New National Stadium in Tokyo, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. IOC President Thomas Bach has agreed “100%” to a proposal of postponing the Tokyo Olympics for about one year until 2021 because of the coronavirus outbreak, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Everything about Olympics, and Zodiac Signs in them

23 July 2021, the Olympic Summer Games began with a bang after a stressful time of Covid-19, which held up everything for a while. Time machine runs in a circular way, so we get back to the roots wherefrom did the Olympic sport event started and came into our lives; bringing joy sportsmanship, competition and success.

The ancient Olympic Games were initially a one-day event until 684 BC when they were extended to three days. In the 5th century B.C., the Games were extended again to cover five days. The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration, and equestrian events. (olympics.com)

To our wonder, this shoot has come up with the roots connected to Greek Gods. Father of humanity, Zeus defeated Cronus in a fight for, the throne of Gods. Hercules the son of Zeus organized the first Olympics in the honor of Zeus.

Everything about Olympics, and Zodiac Signs in them

This stone was used by the weight lifter Bybon.  The inscription reads “Bybon son of Phola, has lifted me over [his] head with one hand.” It weighs 316 lbs, and is made of sandstone.

People across Greece came to watch the people in the Olympics. Sports like running, long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, etc. Zeus became the most popular of Gods. Success came to his life one after other, leading him to become, The God of fertility. He offered a good harvest and protected the family as the father (Pater).

Actress Aleca Katseli lights the Olympic Torch in 1964. KEYSTONE/GETTY

The first Olympic Games were organized in ancient Greece. For over a thousand years, Greek cities sent their best male athletes to Olympia once every four years for competitions in honor of the Greek god Zeus. During the games, competing cities also stopped the war with each other.

A French man Baron Pierre de Coubertin gave rebirth to the Olympics and with the flow of time, modern Olympics came into existence with many additions.

So the cycle of animals as the Greek language calls the Zodiac gives us much strength according to the Olympics. Let’s get along with the Golden Ram who has become a constellation in the sky.

Everything about Olympics, and Zodiac Signs in them

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Rugby Sevens – Men – Gold medal match – Tokyo Stadium – Tokyo, Japan – July 28, 2021. Scott Curry of New Zealand in action. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Aries contributes to Rugby and Rugby favors Aries. The projection of your firmness makes your opponents fear you.

Taurus, the bull is muscular and would like to show his physical strength in wrestling. With the mighty horns, the opponent will take a back seat. The determination of Taurians will go miles with physical energy.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Gymnastics – Trampolining – Men’s Individual Trampoline – Final – Ariake Gymnastics Centre – Tokyo, Japan – July 31, 2021. Ivan Litvinovich of Belarus in action REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

Gemini the lucky sign would get along well with many sports but the Trampoline will take them to bounce to a higher level of success. Fun and sport both are very well enjoyed by Geminians.

Caeleb Dressel of the United States competes in the Men’s 100m Freestyle heats at the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
2019 Getty Images

Cancer aquatic sports are of interest, swimming, Waterpolo like sports will make you swim across the rivers of success. With a little more of your liking towards water sports, you will make a dolphin move.

Chen Lijun kept China’s perfect record in weightlifting intact with victory in the men’s 67-kilogram class at the Tokyo Olympics.

LEO Leo season is here so is the majestic lion full of energy to win. The born weightlifter is determined to succeed with his might. The fire element makes the lion born to win.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Softball – Women – Opening Round – Australia v Japan – Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium – Fukushima, Japan – July 21, 2021. Yukiko Ueno of Japan in action. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

VIRGO the calm and subtle Virgo loves mind games more than the physical ones. This definitely doesn’t mean that they are not interested in other sports activities. Baseball and softball the newly introduced sport in Olympic 2021 is where you are going to make it your way.

Gold medallist Logan Martin takes to the sky.

 LIBRA The perfect balanced Librans are bound to take on BMX freestyle and racing. Equilibrium is what matters and here you are dear Libra.

SCORPIO is known for its hard labor your goal is fixed and you will go all the way to achieve it. Fencing is your goal and like an old sword, you will cut all the barriers between you and your victory. 

SAGITTARIUS Nothing less than a born archer can beat archery at Olympics. Yes, you are at the top of the list when archery is there as competition for others and a goal for you.

CAPRICORN The goat becomes a horse in sports because equestrian is what fascinates the Capri. Curling and futsal are going to be your strength.

AQUARIUS your ability to communicate and the spirit of teamwork leads you to win sports like basketball and football.

PISCES the born fish, ruler of the sea world will lead in canoeing and kayaking. Who knows better about the sea than the mighty fish.

Everything about Olympics, and Zodiac Signs in them

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