Halloween Ghost and Their Sun Signs

The various Sun Signs when they show up as a ghost on Halloween.

Screaming Ghost in the Closet

Halloween Ghost Aries

Aries loves to be playful. They like the idea of jumping out at you and scaring the life out of you all the time. Aries are loud and can make a lot of noise when they are angry. So when you find a ghost who is screaming his head off, hiding in your closet. he is an Aries.

Ghost animating in objects

Halloween Ghost Taurus

Taurus has a fetish for material things. All the things good and wonderful, you name them, they like them. They have their own unique objects which they love like hell. A Taurus when he settles down in a routine then he never changes it. So when you find a Ghost animating a mirror, a pipe or even a piano and appears to be sleeping most of the time, you know, you are dealing with a stubborn Taurus.

The Ghost who scratches walls and Smashes Mirrors

Halloween Ghost

Gemini likes to tear you apart with words. They’re capable such cutting and clever insults and their remarks will probably haunt you forever. They might not even be screaming at you. A Gemini ghost will just knock the things over. Scrape your paint with nails and smash windows and knock the daylight out of you.

The emotion ghost who loves the children

Halloween Ghost Cancer

Cancer is so desperate for love and attention. They can often be self-pitying and overly sensitive, but they are also some of the most caring, protective and dependable Sun Sign around. So the ghost who comforts and protects the child and acts like a guardian angel is Cancerian.

Halloween Ghost

The Dramatic one

Halloween Ghost Leo

Leo ghosts around, expect them to cause a scene. No matter where you’re at a library or a supermarket. They will give a roaring performance. They will just terrorize the crowd.

The Rearranger

Halloween Ghost virgo

Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac. They are intelligent, analytical, observant, and precise. They are the most organized and collected, but also choosy! most of the time detached and fussy. So when a Virgo Ghost is showing up. He will love to rearrange everything, your clothes, your closet, your fridge and they haunt the same place frequently.

Who appears in the mirror

Halloween Ghost Libra

Libra is known for being charming, easygoing, diplomatic, and flirtatious. Libra is also said to be the most physically beautiful of all the signs hence their love for the mirror. They will haunt you by appearing in the mirror and might even leave some clues where you can find them.

The Revengeful

Halloween Ghost Scorpio

Scorpio when angry will make you wish you were never born. They have bone-chilling glare and their ability to pinpoint your deepest insecurities and use them against you.  Such ghost seeks revenge and haunts who may have wronged them.

Halloween Ghost

The Furious one

Halloween Ghost Sagittarius

Sagittarius really doesn’t let most things affect them too deeply, so if you manage to truly anger them, you must have done something really stupid. Therefore, there will be no sympathy for you as you meet their wrath — deadly wrath, at that. Such ghosts will set things on fire.

The one who summons Satan on you

Halloween Ghost Capricorn

Capricorn when angry wishes you no longer exist to them. They have no qualms with cutting off people and moving on. Such ghosts will summon Satan in your house and make you disappear with your soul.

The one who Possesses

Halloween Ghost Aquarius

Aquarius focus on you is almost like a lightning bolt, it’s so sharp and unexpected, you are at once amazed and almost overwhelmed.  So Aquarian Ghost just possesses you. He is totally into you.

The one who Befriends

Halloween Ghost Pisces

Pisces is always a thunderstorm of emotions. The Pisces personality understands LOVE, the highest thing we humans are capable of here on this planet. They can be quite self-destructive when they’re angry.  These ghosts often play with little children and become their “best friend”.They can be either too good or too bad.

Halloween Ghost

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