Netflix, Binge-watch as per Sunsigns

Let’s today ponder what does Netflix offers to different Sunsigns. Or to put it into simpler form what should you watch on Netflix to add value to your values as per your zodiac sign.

Entertainment is the most influential thing in our lives. We usually get inspired by some actor or we relate our lives with some character whom we have watched and so does the character impact our lives.

Netflix, Binge-watch as per Sunsigns

Sometimes it is music that soothes our gloomy mood, for some people, it is their favorite serial on TV and for others, it can be a favorite movie.  The recent deadly pandemic has shown the importance of the entertainment industry to each one of us. Why not take benefit from this lovely walk of life and get into an endless entertainment which influences positivity in our lives.

Netflix, Binge-watch as per Sunsigns

There is a lot to watch. Sometimes we keep on surfing for hours to get a brain soother, a light daily soap, or a web series. We end up indecisive and we get hooked up in a fix as to how we fix what we have to watch?

It can be a game-changer in one’s life that how one chooses his type of entertainment.

Netflix, Binge-watch as per Sunsigns

Netflix is an inspirational example of a company that successfully shifted their business model multiple times and grew exponentially because of that. They started with renting boxed products through a mail service nationally (in the US) and shifted to delivering on-demand entertainment catering to diverse needs globally. The ‘all you can eat subscription’ that Netflix offers, lets you watch your favorite shows anywhere and at any time you want.

Let’s today ponder what does Netflix offers to different Sunsigns. Or to put it into simpler form what should you watch on Netflix to add value to your values as per your zodiac sign.


Dear Aries, you need some thrill in your life, some entertainment of a kind where you get fully satisfied and influenced with positivity. Well, your search should end here to look into HIT & RUN on Netflix.

A hit and run are about how a man who is hit by another man in a car accident and without even bothering about the casualty, the driver runs away, from the area where the accident took place.


The hard and strong bull is soft inside. What does a Taurian need to watch on TV to get the best in his life?

Here comes the answer, a cool romantic series full of life. Romance And war go side by side here, with all the ease and comfort The Crown season four is a story of royals. Featuring: Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, TobiasMenzies.


 It is time to go back to the werewolf times and watch Teen Wolf.

The fear of a new werewolf can be felt around Beacon Hills. The folktales were a werewolf, a human who can transform into a wolf, by some supernatural powers, on full moon nights. Thrilled with adventure this series will make you wonder-struck…


Elite is a Drama, a thriller, by which a Cancer will

get inspired. The beauty of life is that it goes on even after blunders. But we should learn from these masters, and not repeat. In this drama, a murder story is pictured with lessons for life. Do binge on.


In this irregular world, there is nothing more happening

than watching an irregular series-THE IRREGULARS. This is a mystery drama with a crime story inside. Adventurous Leo will like to enjoy the multi-genre series full of fantasy, adventure, mystery, and friendship.

The irregular group of these teens makes twists in the drama which adds to its flavor. The supernatural mysterious climate will make it fun to enjoy for Leo.


Shy and sensitive Virgo, a family man will enjoy the story of the megachurch Memphis. As is said, all that glitters is not gold, so is the case with this GREEN LEAF FAMILY,

where everything looks normal and content from the outside, but the distress is caused when the drama unfolds the ugly side of the green family members. A family that holds the secrets of the great sea inside… is the best entertainer fiction for you. So enlighten your mood and turn on to watch.


The drama astrology chose for you is the reality show. A Dream House is the dream of every human on the earth.

So this reality real estate show will sweep you off your feet with the beautiful houses one could have never imagined. The drama between the cast is again something to hang on to. Can anyone sell sunset? Dear Libra explore the selling of sunset and buying a sunrise, today!!!


You are courageous, determined, confident. You love challenges in life.

Your astrology says you should watch a drama like PRIVATE PRACTICE. A pediatrician, a psychiatrist, and a master of alternative medicine the story goes around these doctors. It is a melodrama with romantic scenes. Dr. Addison Montgomery, is a neonatal surgeon, who leaves Seattle Grace Hospital starts at a small public clinic in Los Angeles, her friends Naomi and Sam Bennett join her there.


Being loved to be the center of attraction, the archer will gain a lot from Dynasty.

Elizabeth Gillies heiress of a large corporation loves her empire. The rivalry between two rich families of America is worth watching, how each family wants to take control of the other. You will laugh, cry, feel sad, feel happy. This show is so beautifully filmed and has an amazing storyline and plot. A must-watch for you.


You are empathic, musical, romantic astrology stole Glee for you. It has music, beautifully presented characters with a simple storyline. Humour, drama-comedy, you will find everything in this show. It is a must-watch to enlighten your mood.


OZARK, the complex drama series is so entertaining that one would like to finish it in one go only.

Life is a mix of tragedy n happiness, the family members like to go on in all circumstances. The complexity of characters keeps you stuck.


The romantic and calm Piscean will enjoy watching  TWO WORLDS APART, full of  Romance, Comedy, Action, Thrill, and Suspense.

Netflix, Binge-watch as per Sunsigns

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