The hypocrisy: Key Failure of the Sun Sign exposed

What is hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is failing to act in the spirit of one’s self-proclaimed principles, especially when one has used those principles to judge others. Each Sun Sign of Zodiac has its own peculiar principle or idea which it claims as truth.

Hypocrisy Sun Sign

How we hide our deception:

  • Do as I say, not as I do
  • Rules apply to others, but they do not apply to me
  • Always someone else’s fault
  • Lies & excuses

So let us get down to each Sun Sign to know more clearly.

Sun Sign Aries

Aries wants everyone to love them but can’t love anybody back.

Sun Sign Taurus

Taurus wants people to appreciate what they do for them but forgets to appreciate people.

Sun Sign Gemini

Gemini is the flakiest( A careless ) person alive but hates when someone flakes on them.

Sun Sign Cancer

Cancer is highly emotional but hates when people are too emotional around them.

Sun Sign Leo

Leo is super flirty with everyone and it means nothing but hates when people flirt with them and mean nothing.

Sun Sign Virgo

Virgo wants people to be direct with what they want from them but is constantly passive-aggressive with others,

Sun Sign Libra

Libra wants everyone to support them but forgets to support others when needed.

Sun Sign Scorpio

Scorpio wants to read your every thought but hates when people are looking into their load.

Sun Sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius wants respect and to be heard but is oblivious to the wants of others,

Sun Sign Capricorn

Capricorn does not show an inch of emotions and keeps a poker face but hates when people are expressionless

Sun Sign Aquarius

Aquarius wants you to be there for them always but can’t be there for you ever.

Sun Sign Pisces

Pisces is preoccupied mentally all the time but hates when people can’t give them their full attention.

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