Through the eyes of Renoir: Pisces Reality

Renoir's exuberant  pisces

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a Pisces painter who was born February 25, 1841.

Renoir is one of the French painters who created Impressionism. His life and work also offer an example of what people born under the Pisces zodiac sign can achieve when they embrace their natural talent and love of the arts.

Renoir’s family lived near the Louvre Museum, where he sought inspiration and a break from factory work. There, he saw up close the masterworks that helped him learn his craft and create his unique artistic style.

As a Pisces, Renoir’s multiple talents come as no surprise. Among the gifts this zodiac sign gave are deep sensitivity and delicate, artistic temperament.

As a mutable sign, Pisces also gives creativity and the temperament to adapt to changing conditions, as Renoir frequently had to do to support himself before his art career became established.

How Renoir’s art reflects his Pisces zodiac sign.


Pisces has an ability to let loose when it comes to creativity and just allow artistry—or words, or inventions, or anything else they want to produce—to flow out.

Renoir Pisces Sun sign
Two Sisters


Of all zodiac signs, Pisces is the most concerned with the spiritual world as well as the realm of dreams. Renoir’s paintings shimmer with an otherworldly vibration, thanks to his technique and the Impressionist focus on depicting the effects of light.

Renoir Dance Pisces
Dance in the Country


Renoir paintings show people dancing. Dance in the CountryDance at Le Moulin de la Galette, and Dance at Bougival offer examples of Renoir’s interest in this subject. Pisces rules the feet, and people of this zodiac sign often are interested in dance or work in that field or related ones such as shoe design.

Dance in the Country


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a planet sometimes called the Great Dissolver. In his most typical works, Renoir uses techniques to blur edges and soften boundaries between people, objects, and nature so that everything blends into luminescent completeness. Very, very Piscean, as this sign seeks to merge with all that lies beyond and dislikes anything harsh reality (especially boundaries).

Renoir Pisces Sun sign


Renoir painted several works that include water or suggest it, such as La Grenouillère. Renoir’s empathy for this element is evident in how he paints water as well as his frequent use of clear, blue paint, even in paintings not about water.

That why I call them the Mad Happy Shiny People.

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