What emotions keep smacking your face, time after time? Sun signs obsessed.

Every Sun sign is obsessed with some unique thoughts or emotions. That sun sign emotion or thought gives the color and texture to people born under that sign. It is as if a ball is hitting on the face, as real as that but nobody notices it as we think it is part of our nature and we live with it.


Leos are vivacious, lively, and animated and they just love creating scenes.


Virgos are hypercritical about themselves and others. They can’t be accepted that anybody can be imperfect


Gemini is symbolized by the twins. They can sometimes lack empathy. Gemini always has an opinion. If he doesn’t, he’s lying or being polite. It just means he thinks your question was absurd and not worth a serious answer.

Taurus Sun Sign Emotions

Taurus born natives are indeed stubborn and persistent. So if they are already doing something, you cannot make them do anything else.


Aries men like to be hunters by nature. They want to feel as though they’re working toward something that they’ll get a prize for. So when they reach the penultimate moment of commitment they can become bored and uninterested in a project or a person.

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