About Us

Hi, we are glad to see that you are curious to know more about us! 

My Curious Moon is owned by me Shweta Gupta and my partner Vikram Gulalia. Though we both are doing full-time jobs in our respective fields of Digital Marketing and Web Development, we share this interest in History, Horoscope, and everything that makes us curious. Hence, here you are, with the thought to fulfill the thirst of curious minds like us, we have founded My Curious Moon.

We believe that curiosity is certainly the most powerful talent one can own, people are always curious to know what’s going around the world, what’s new in town, what’s trending, etc. but the fact is that people like to know the most is about themselves. There are several websites already available on the webspace telling you about the latest news and viral content related to fashion, culture, entertainment, living, etc., but My Curious Moon is the only place where you actually feel the interest to read that particular piece of information as here it comes to you connected with you through your Sun-Sign or Zodiac Sign. That neither just makes reading that article more interesting but enjoyable too. 

We believe that the curiosity to know more about themselves keeps our audience engaged and make us different from our competitors. We try to tell you about those untouched aspects of your personality in a fun way that is visible to all, still, you are not aware of them. 

From the spellbinding stories to the fascinating facts about the celebrities or occasions, we know what you like. At My Curious Moon, we go through deep down to check the facts and research like no one else to provide you all the juicy and interesting content.

So, if you are ready to see the world with a whole new perspective and satisfy that witty curiosity in your mind, stay tuned with us.

Any suggestions or feedbacks are always welcome – [email protected]