What are sun signs wishing for in their lover ? 1

Actually, what are people of different sun signs are looking for in their partners, what will make them happy or relaxed? These are some insides into twelve sun signs and how they will love to interact with their loved ones.

Aries! The magnetic you, notoriously competitive and even a wee bit controlling, there’s no denying that they have a personality type that’s more than lovable. Aries sun sign is hoping for a guy who will give her a never-ending entertainment and a reason to be in love every day because they are bored easily.

Taurus likes effort and patience in a relationship. They can be stubborn but at the same time caring person and they are always right. Taurus is looking for a guy who will take the blame of everything because they are never wrong and Taurus people can never be wrong because they are always right.

Geminis are adaptable, intelligent. They have a gift of humor and lightning comebacks. Super friendly and chats with everyone. But as called the twin of the zodiac , They require a guy who has multiple personalities. so each of his personalities can date with all of Gemini’s personalities.

Cancer sun sign people are tender, honest and are very caring. They have a great taste of music and TV shows. People ruled by Cancer sign are looking for Guy who can read their minds and understand all the mixed signals, they are sending to them. So the guy can pass all the tests set by Cancer.

Leos are Honest and Charismatic people They are Positive and warm-hearted. They require a guy who they can get in an intense argument every day just for fun .so that they can have a good chance of having a patch-up routine later.

Virgo pays attention to the smallest details and overthinks themselves to depression. So they hope for a guy who can rearrange the closet with them every day and then judge people walking down the street from head to toe just for fun.

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