Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Hey, Welcome back we running thick in Pisces Season. Before it comes to an end let us discuss the Pisces’s negative traits and why people just absolutely and I mean absolutely hate Pisceans.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?
A painting by Renoir (Piscean)

Everybody knows what good traits Pisces has, they are soft dreamy people, who are wearing rose-colored glasses and try to see good in people and even try to bring good to this beautiful world which inhabited by most noble people. Now, who with a sane mind will try to do this atrocious mistake but the fish.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

If this is not enough to hate them for the start? Today we will dive deep and really try to see why all the Happy Zodiac signs (Earth Signs) like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn think Pisceans are little losers lost in their dream world and Brilliant Zodiac signs (Fire Signs) like Aries, Leo and Saggitarius think Pisceans are emotional fools, think too much about nothing.

“They are too sensitive and touchy. Highly possessive by nature, they tend to restrict my freedom. I respect their sincerity and loyalty but find them too serious- positively dull. I do not get on with them. “

What Aries think about Pisces

The Inspirational Air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, find Pisces indecisive and weak, lacking in purpose.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

” I find them indecisive and weak, lacking in purpose. They attach too much importance to their involvement’s and tend to be over possessive. Of course, they are honest and just in their dealings, but that is not all there is to a relationship. In love and sex, they are too soft and docile. I would have nothing to do with them. “

What Gemini think about Pisces

“As mere acquaintances, they are tolerable. But I find them too cautious and withdrawn for any closer relationship. They make me feel guilty in anything concerning love and sex. They sound a bit too moralistic and dogmatic. I do not get on with them. “

What Saggitarius think about Pisces

What are the charges against them(Pisces)

They don’t have a sense of timing hence come late.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Now seriously can we hate someone just because she/he comes late and do only Pisceans reach late? what about our precious Taurus, Libra, and Cancers. But you understand Taurian need for self-care and Libra’s multitasking.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

They are half asleep all the time and not listening

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?
Overcoming Overwhelm

Pisceans are dreamers and thinking about some stuff, trying to understand some problems or finding some solution, but not all the time. Thinking is serious stuff that why the world is full of nonsense because people are not thinking, not putting themself in the pain of thinking and then doing. Pisces are not jumping the gun like Aries and then not owning the consequences.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Piscean are manipulative

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Pisces manipulative? Jesus! Lord have mercy! Pisceans have the strongest morals in the Zodiac and fragile soul hence they are called escapists. If they were manipulating people they would be in the thick of world, like a Leo or Libra or a Gemini. Let me tell you how each Zodiac sign manipulates and to blames only Pisceans is mean. They would not give a damn to your lies.

“I’ve been doing this a long time- manipulating people to get my way. That’s why you think you love me. Because I’ve broken you down and built you back up to believe it. It wasn’t an accident. Once you leave this behind….. you’ll see that. ”

C.J. Roberts, Seduced in the Dark.

How Aries manipulates Peer pressures everyone with confidence.

How Taurus Manipulates: Plays the victim card.

How Gemini Manipulates: Convinces others with their half-truths.

How Cancer Manipulates: Manipulates emotionally and play the victim card.

How Leo Manipulates: Mocks others to make them inferior.

How Virgo ManipulatesPlant their own ideas in others in such a way that the other person feels it’s their original. I love sneaky ways of Virgo how original and charming.

How Libra manipulates: Feign helplessness.

How Scorpio manipulates: Either you do it or they leave.

How Sagittarius manipulates: Blackmails others with their past misdeeds.

How Capricorn manipulates: Throws facts and statistics to make others feel like an idiot and even make them up.

How Aquarius manipulates: The clever Aquarius will apologize for increasing the intensity of their mistake. They will act as if they will never ever do it again.

The main culprit Pisces, what does he do to manipulate you?

Silent treatment !! Oh my God, so original. People hate Pisceans because they are so manipulative!

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Now let get to the core of the problem why Pisces cares about only some people and doesn’t care about others. That why people call Pisceans a Flaky Fish.

What kind of people attract Pisceans, that is interesting, like a fish is attracted to Shiny bright things, like a light burning over water or even a colorful bright hook, which fish will bite into.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?
Renoir painting

They like to be near Bright, Superheros who are down, maybe out off luck or just not healthy enough to be in their complete glory. Pisceans have an innate sense of how exactly a person is inside, how beautiful, how glorious. They sense the pain of such souls who have to reach their final glory but are sick or burden somehow.

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?
hardwired to help

Pisceans are hardwired to help shiny, bright, superheroes and heal them. so they may reach their ultimate goal.

But nobody, nobody whats to be helped so directly, they are doubtful of intentions of Pisceans. why in this wonderful place called earth? somebody will take a timeout to help them and so passionately!

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Piscean’s helping nature brings out the ego of people to the front and they resist any effort made by Piscean as an attack on their dignity (Dignity to be unhappy and sick).

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

Pisces Season: Why People Hate Pisces?

This is the reason people close to Pisces are repulsed and horrified by them. Nobody likes to be helped without even asking for help. It is not humanly possible (humanity as we know it right now).

People hate Pisceans for they appear, over helpful and over loving and overindulgent in the lives of people they love.

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